Key Safes

Key safes (key garages) are a must have in today’s world. Whether you want to give access to a friend or as insurance in the instance of being locked out, a key safe is a proven a life saver. Anytime Locksmiths have a great range of key safes that are constructed using high-quality materials and used for different applications.  Save yourself costly callout fees by installing a key safe at your home or business.

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Key Safes for Melbourne Bayside Areas

The days of leaving spare keys under a doormat or hidden in fake rock are long gone! Keep your home secure by utilising an outdoor key safe which is operated using a number pin system. Not only for spare keys but they can also be used as a means of transferring keys safely to others if you hire out a room or facilities.

Anytime Locksmiths have a range of key safes used for outdoor residential homes or in the event that you possibly need a portable key safe to transfer keys safely.

Key Safes - Anytime Locksmiths

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Key Safes FAQ’s

What brands of key safes do you stock?

We stock a number of key safes brands including ABUS and Kidde.

Which key safe is the right one for my property?

We have wall mount and portable key safe options for your property.

Wall mounts are the highest security option and we recommend installing them out of view where possible. Weather resistance is also a key factor and ABUS provides the best weather protection for key safes and garages. 

What can I use key safes for?

Key safes are a great option for securely storing your keys and/or small remotes if the unit is weather resistant.

How secure is a key safe?

A key safe is only as secure as how and where it is installed. We recommend using a wall mount option and having it installed out of view, by a Master Locksmith, where possible.