Key Cutting Services

Our shop specialises in key cutting. We have over 4000 key blanks on-hand for all types of locking systems. Our services include key duplication, keys cut to code, making keys to locks, hand cut mortise/cupboard keys, and the decoding of worn keys. All our keys are cut by fully qualified locksmiths to ensure that your new key works every time. We recommend that keys should only be cut by professionals who have an intimate knowledge of how each lock works.

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Key Cutting services in Melbourne’s Bayside

Our Anytime Locksmiths Bayside key cutting team keep over 4000 different key blanks on-hand for key cutting and key duplicating services. Provide us with a sample key and in a matter of minutes we will be ready with a brand new key that works in your existing locks.

  • House keys
  • Old style mortise/cupboard keys
  • Worn key replacement
  • Antique Keys
  • Car keys copied or cut to code
  • Motorcycle keys
  • Commercial vehicle keys
  • Caravans keys and locks
  • Coded Transponder keys

Fast Turnaround on Duplicate Keys

Our professional locksmithing team can cut keys while you wait and can guarantee your duplicate key works perfectly every time. With over 4000 key blanks to select from, we can ensure a high quality key is cut to to ensure you have a spare key that you can count on when you need it.

High-quality key cutting

Did you know that not all key cutting services are the same? There a few things you should know before getting your key cut:

  1. Using the original key is going to get you the best possible outcome because it will have the highest accuracy. Duplicating from worn/duplicate keys can amplify any differences even if they are very slight and the key may not work.
  2. There are two main types of keys: regular and high-security. You can have regular keys cut anywhere including local hardware stores, and they are cut to work in regular mortise and cylinder locks. High security keys are more complex to cut and they are used where high-security is required such as in homes, commercial spaces, offices, warehouses and stores.
  3. For the best outcome, both regular and high-security key cutting should be completed by a professional locksmith such as Anytime Locksmiths.
    Having a key cut at a local hardware store or even cutting it yourself has the following issues:

    1. Small selection of key blanks: most hardware stores or non-specialist key cutters only have a small selection of blank keys to cut from. This makes it incredibly hard to get the same accuracy  and often these keys will get stuck, not go in or not turn. Anytime Locksmith stocks 4000+ key blanks so we can ensure your key is matched perfectly.
    2. Poor equipment: non-specialist stores that attempt key duplication often have outdated or older equipment that can’t achieve the highest accuracy possible when key cutting.
    3. Non-experts: having any sales person cut your keys rather than a professional locksmith can not only stop you from getting the best duplicate key, but can even damage your original key. An intimate knowledge of locks and keys is required to achieve the best results when duplicating any key.

Visit Anytime Locksmith Melbourne to get your keys cut to a professional, high-quality level. We can ensure a quick turnaround and great outcome.

Automotive Key Cutting Services

When purchasing new or replacement keys for your vehicle, many people go straight to their car dealer, forgetting that there can be more affordable options from your local locksmith. Anytime Locksmiths provide a competitive price and are specialists in old car keys, including some transponder keys and boat keys.

Whether your vehicle is new or old, we can cut a range of automotive keys to suit your needs. Anytime Locksmiths are renowned for providing the best keys for your vehicle within Bayside and its surrounding areas.

Anytime Locksmiths are only a phone call away and can cut a variety of automotive keys. Most car keys these days contain a transponder chip for added security. We can cut a large range of transponder keys and replace remote key shells in many instances.

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Key Cutting FAQ’s

Do you duplicate unique or old keys?

Yes, we can cut a huge range of keys at our shop located in Hampton. This includes duplicating unique and old keys. 

Can you duplicate car keys?

Yes, we can duplicate car keys in our Hampton shop. We can also cut transponder keys but we do supply and cut keys with remotes on them. 

How long does your key cutting service take?

Key cutting in the shop can take anywhere between 5-60 mins depending on the make/model/year.