Dog Tags

Heavy duty Dog Tags or Pet Tags can be custom made for you at the shop. Many dog tags these days are lightweight and don’t last long at all. Our Dog Tags are renowned for their rugged look and durability.

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Heavy Duty Dog Tags

Anytime Locksmiths stock a number of heavy-duty dog tags or pet tags that are made from the best quality materials and include a huge variety of different materials, shapes and sizes. Our dog tags are renowned for their durability and rugged look but can also be custom-made for you at our showroom located in Hampton.

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Dog Tags FAQ’s

How long does it take for a custom made dog tag?

A custom dog tag at Anytime Locksmiths will generally take between 5 minutes and 20 minutes.

How much does a dog tag cost?

Our custom dog tags start from $12. Visit our showroom in Hampton for more information on custom dog tags.