Door Locks and Window Locks Melbourne

Anytime Locksmiths supply, repair and install a massive range of deadlocks, window locks, mortise locks, security door locks and padlocks to secure all entry points of your home or business.

We fit locks to doors, grilles, windows, gates, garages, letter boxes and anything else you can think of putting a lock on. Locks should only ever be installed, repaired or worked on by a fully qualified locksmith. Your security is our number one priority.

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Window and Door Lock Installations

Anytime Locksmiths are the leading choice for lock fitting in Bayside. Since 1989 we have been the benchmark when it comes to lock fitting in Hampton, Brighton, Sandringham and the rest of Bayside. We attend jobs every day to secure homes and businesses where an unqualified “jack of all trades” has tried to install or repair a lock. Don’t risk your safety and security. Only choose qualified security experts when it comes to securing your home or business. Call us now to upgrade your security 03 9521 0650

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Need your door locks replaced quickly?

In the event you are moving house, going through a breakup, evicting unwanted tenants or just lost your keys being able to replace your door locks quickly is important. Anytime Locksmiths in Melbourne provides mobile locksmith services for door locks and window lock replacement so that you can have your locks changed in no time, quickly and easily. We can often provide same-day service. Call us now 03 9521 0650

Door locks and window locks help insure your home too!

When you insure your home contents one of the first questions your insurance company will ask is whether all your entry points (doors and windows) are secured with key-lock access. Some will specify mortice locks or particular door lock and window lock standards. If you do not have these security elements in your home your policy may not cover you in the event of a break in. Contact Anytime Locksmiths, we secure Hampton, Brighton, Sandringham and the rest of Bayside through the supply, repair and installation of key-operated door locks and window locks.

We can supply and install all Door/Window Locks Brands

We stock a wide range of security door and window brands including:

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Door and Window Locks FAQ’s

Can I have deadlocks or deadbolts installed on my doors at home?

Yes, but we recommend deadlocks on all doors where possible. Most insurance companies will also require deadlocks on all external doors. 

My key is broken in the lock what should I do next?

If your key is broken in the lock, it is best to call a locksmith to attend to remove the broken key and service the lock. Contact us today to get a quote. 

Why should I trust Anytime Locksmiths?

Anytime Locksmiths has been in Hampton since 1989. Along with having all the relevant licenses available through Victoria Police, our staff members are well known in the Bayside community. We also welcome customers to come and meet us in the shop to discuss your job and communicate face to face where possible. Get in contact with us today. 

How do my door locks and window locks effect my insurance?

Some insurance companies specify that you must have door locks or certain types of door and window locks on your home in order to get the coverage you want. Some insurers link coverage to certain standards, eg. your policy only covers you if your locks meet those standards. It is important you check your insurance policy for this information and secure your home.

How much does it cost to replace my door locks?

Updating or upgrading your locks provides a higher level of security in your home and prevents unwanted intruders from accessing your possessions or risking your safety. Depending on the type of door you have and the type of lock you need repaired, installed or supplied the cost will vary and you should talk to one of our friendly experts for a free and quick quote.

Door Locks

Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

A classic deadlock that will stand the test of time

  • Available in Knob and Lever versions
  • Conforms to the security and durability requirements of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 | SL7D8C6
  • Cut-resistant Stainless Steel Bolt
  • 11 concealed anchorage points and a door frame strengthener that combine to offer high security protection
  • Hold back function that allows you to use the door in passage mode
  • Retro fit in place of your existing deadlatch or nighlatch
  • Bump and pick resistant
  • Available in Matte Black, Satin Chrome, Chrome Plate, Polished Brass and Brown

Lockwood 005 Deadbolt

A slimline multifunction deadbolt


  • Multi-mode slimline deadbolt providing safety, security and convenience
  • High security cut resistant stainless steel bolt
  • The 005 Deadbolt incorporates Lockwood’s patented LockAlert status indicator that shows the Lockset mode at a glance. The lockset can operate in three modes:
  • Secure Mode: Locked from the inside and outside
  • Safety Mode: Locked from the outside and free to exit from inside
  • Passage Mode: Free to enter from outside and free to exit from inside
  • Conforms to the security and durability requirements of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008 | SL8D8C6K5
  • Bump and pick resistant
  • Available in Satin Chrome, Chrome Plate, Polished Brass, Matte Black
  • Square and round versions

Lockwood 355 Deadlock

A high security option for the home or office

  • Suitable for hinged and some sliding doors
  • Lockable turn knob with inbuilt clutching device to resist wrench attack
  • Strong interlocking case and mounting plate to resist jemmy and hammer attack
  • Tested in accordance with AS4145.2-1993
  • Concealed fixing
  • Positive deadlocking action
  • The mechanism and the design are protected by Australian and International Patents and Design Registrations
  • Available in either trade or display packaging
  • Opened by key from outside and by turn knob from inside when free. Internal key locks or unlocks turn knob.
  • Available in Satin Chrome, Polished Brass, Chrome Plate, Matte Black

Carbine Deadbolt

Traditional surface mounted deadlock

  • Concealed fixing
  • Removable brass 6 pin PD style cylinder (keyed to a 5 pin key)
  • Suits C4 key profile
  • Special model available with a 5 pin TES5 keyway cylinder (compatible with Gainsborough keys)
  • Fully re-keyable to either simple keying alike or master keying
  • Able to accept a wide range of restricted barrels
  • Has a rose diameter of 65mm without the rosette or 70mm with the rosette supplied
  • Made to fit doors with a thickness between 35mm – 45mm
  • For thicker doors 45mm-53mm the 2 spacer rings can be removed
  • Supplied with two spacing rings per lock to accommodate thinner doors
  • Supplied with 60-70mm adjustable backset bolt
  • Available in stainless steel, chrome plate, polished brass, antique bronze and matte black

Carbine Entrance Set

A strong and robust residential knobset

  • Entrance function, key outside, turnsnib inside
  • Tiebolt fixing
  • Knob height projects 63mm from door
  • Round knob design
  • 65mm rose diameter
  • Reliable 60-70mm adjustable backset
  • Good quality 6 pin brass cylinder that allows simple rekeying and a medium level of master keying
  • Supplied with 2 x C4 5 pin keys
  • Available in stainless steel, chrome plate, polished brass, antique bronze and matte black

Protector 726 euro mortice lock

A perfect option for narrow style gates and doors

  • Euro cylinder operated mortice lock.
  • 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40mm backset.
  • Pitch 85 mm.
  • Face plate 240 (L) x 22 mm (W).
  • Case size 174 (H) x 36 mm (D) includes face plate.
  • Easily reversible without opening the case.
  • 8 mm spindle hub.
  • Single throw 15 mm deadbolt.
  • Key retracts latch.
  • Incorporates a fixed cam euro style cylinder.
  • Supplied less cylinder.
  • Supplied with black plastic escutcheons.
  • Strike 170 (L) x 24 mm (W) with 16 mm lip.
  • Finished in satin stainless and satin brass

Protector 735 euro mortice lock

A reliable and stylish euro mortice lock 

  • 45 and 60mm backsets available
  • case size 108mm L x 79mm D
  • face plate 165mm L x 25.5mm W
  • pitch 48mm
  • incorporates fixed cam euro cylinder (not included)
  • retrofits most lever locks locks such as Yale, Union and Legge
  • meets AS4145.2-1993. S3
  • reversible latchbolt
  • 16mm brass deadbolt with hardened steel insert
  • heavy duty steel case
  • hardened steel plates to protect both sides of the lock against drilling
  • box striker
  • suits 32mm-40mm doors (extended parts can be made for larger doors)
  • supplied boxed
  • finished in satin chrome and satin brass

Protector 785 euro mortice lock

A heavy duty mechanism with a double throw bolt

  • Euro cylinder operated heavy duty mortice lock.
  • 45 and 60 mm backsets available.
  • Pitch 85 mm.
  • Face plate 240 (L) x 23 mm (W).
  • Case size 168 (H) x 88 mm (D) includes face plate.
  • Handle fixing centers 41 mm.
  • Easily reversible without opening the case.
  • 8 mm spindle hub.
  • Double throw 21 mm deadbolt with anti-saw protection.
  • Key retracts latch.
  • Incorporates a fixed cam euro style cylinder.
  • Supplied less cylinder.
  • Supplied less escutcheons.
  • Strike 200 (L) x 24 mm (W) with 16 mm lip.
  • Finished in satin chrome and satin brass

Window and Patio Bolts

Carbine window lock Melbourne

Carbine Window Locks

A variety of options to suit most windows

  • Full range Click Here
  • Stylish design and easy to install
  • Two types of barrels. Our patented C4 wafer barrel allows the use of C4 5 and 6 pin keys or LF wafer barrel allowing the use of Keyline LF29S (Silca LF43R), Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R) and GA1 keys
  • Easily re-keyable
  • Designed to suit a variety of window applications
  • Supplied with three different bolts for various window types
  • Bolt can be locked through a front or side projection
  • Available in black, brown, polished brass, primrose, silver and white finishes
patio bolt padlock Melbourne

Carbine Patio Bolts

A heavy duty bolt to suit many applications

  • Stylish design & easy to install
  • Retrofits for Carbine C500, Lockwood 680 & Whitco patio bolts
  • Supplied with a locksmith grade 001 inner style cylinder, easily re-keyable, use Keyline LKW9 (Silca LW5) key
  • Accepts 6 pin LKW5 (C4) keyblanks
  • Cylinder can be easily removed from the front of the lock
  • Uses the same bolt as the C500 patio bolt
  • 9.5mm Diameter High Tensile Bolt (Hard Chrome Plated)
  • Reversible quick release bolt mechanism
  • Bolt can be locked in the open / closed position
  • Snap shut or key retained functions available
  • All mounting screws are concealed
  • Designed to suit most aluminium and timber sliding and hinged doors
  • Suitable for left and right hand doors
  • A high security diecast receiver is available as a spare part in each finish
  • Extended bolts of 50mm available
  • Can be purchased in 3 keyed alike groups (KA1,KA2 and KA3)
  • Available in black, brown, brass, silver and white finish