Security Chain

Security door chains are a cost-effective solution to add extra security to doors and padlocks. Our range of door chains is high quality with a solid hardened steel chain and designed to suit multiple door security applications.

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Hardened Steel Security Chain

Anytime Locksmiths supply security chains that are made of hardened steel with anti-corrosion coating which are ideal for outdoor use. They are perfect to secure large and valuable objects that cannot be secured by regular padlocks. Most people use chain locks for bicycles, motorcycles and larger vehicles such as trailers and boats. Our security chains come in different sizes and lengths to meet your security requirements.

Match security chain locks with our range of secure and hardened steel padlocks.

The Anytime Locksmiths showroom in Hampton carries a range of leading security chains and padlock brands, including:

  • Lockwood
  • ABUS
  • Carbine
Security Chains - Anytime Locksmiths

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Security Chains FAQ’s

What length of security chain do I need?

Our ABUS security chains come in a variety of lengths and gauges. Lengths range between 40 cm and 2.5 m. Visit our showroom in Hampton to see our selection of security chains. 

What makes a good security chain?

A good security chain is rated by its hardness and thickness. Whether a chain makes a good security chain will depend on how difficult it is to cut through and slow down or stop attacks.

What is the best security chain brand?

We consider ABUS to be a solid security chain brand.